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Simplify Vendor and Sub-contractor Interaction with a Vendor Portal

Collaborate with your vendors by providing a single place to upload and manage their invoices.

Ready to Change the Way You Collaborate with your Vendors?

A Vendor Portal provides a more efficient method of submitting, indexing and managing invoices for both your organization and your vendors.

Suppliers can submit invoices against a preassigned project or a Purchase Order (PO) – the system will validate the project information and PO against your accounting system information.

Place the responsibility for inputting the invoices on your vendors.  As a side benefit, they’re given a dashboard that can help them manage their invoices.

  • Vendors can manage the status of their invoices reducing calls and inquiries to you AP dept.
  • Proper tracking of invoices – no more lost invoices or unaccounted expenses.
  • Reduce Paper, time to process and overall administrative costs – 90% of invoice coding is done automatically.
  • No more opening of envelopes, scanning or  paper routing.
  • Fast, accurate and secure.

Optionally you can enable the portal so that vendors can update their master vendor information and upload any supporting documentation (W9, Proof of Insurance, Bank/Payment preference, etc.)).

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