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Breaking through the technical, financial and operational barriers

Typical solutions are either too expensive or dont provide the features required to fully align with your organizational requirements.  AIMSware was designed from the ground up to provide the flexibility required to support your organizational requirements.

Invoice Management System 

Electronic document management system or EDMS is at the core of the AIMSware platform and it used to manage invoices as an electronic documents – both the image itself and the properties or metadata of the document.

The invoice metadata include the standard properties such invoice number, date, vendor (header) as well as the invoice details of what is being billed. 

Many AP department are still receiving invoices by mail and routing papers to approvers. This is because there are often significant technical, financial and operational barriers preventing the adoption of an Electronic document management system (EDMS) that would allow a “digital” invoice to be processed. EDMS systems have traditionally been expensive to buy, implement and support.

AIMSware Key Benefits

AIMSware not only removes the acquisition and maintenance costs of an EDMS but it provides an easy to use platform where you can quickly access and analyze your accounts payable data. 

Invoice Control

No more lost invoices on managers and approvers desks. AP managers can track the status of every invoice from a single screen.


Approvers can process invoices, approve them, reject them or route them to someone else with the click of their mouse..


Improved Timeliness

AIMSware makes it easier for approvers to review and process invoices. AP managers can also escalate bottlenecks and ensure timely processing and posting invoices into the ERP/ Accounting System for payment. Once ready, AP Managers can either take advantage of early payments discounts or avoid late fees by managing when payment is due.

No More Emails

Email is an amazing tool but invoices can get lost just as easily! AIMSware removes the need to route invoices and approvals via email. improving controls and avoiding digitizing a manual process.


Traditional Invoice management means storing them on local computers or file cabinets.  We often find this out when it is too late and content is lost. It is a regulatory requirement to be able to produce original and legible copies of invoices. AIMSware centralizes all invoices, backs up all content, and ensure we can readily retrieve it based on your corporate retention policy.


Paper document management and archiving can be very labor intensive and expensive, given the long record retention requirements. Processing, storing and retrieving Invoices can be significantly improved with AIMSWare.  The document can be linked to your AP system for instant access!

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