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Integration Services

Connect to your Accounting systems allows ensure data validation, removes double entry and keeps your systems secured.

Integration with your accounting system

and other third party applications

Using AIMSware, you can include data from your accounting system in the routing, coding and approval processes.  this ensure a high quality of data by reducing the risk of manual entry or invalid accounts.

once approved, Invoices are posted back into your accounting system for payment. electronic documents can be linked for direct access from AP. 

We develop the data mapping and transformations between the vendor documents and your applications, flat files, XML and Database formats, ensuring all your business policies and requirements are met.

AIMSWare provides monitoring of all the transactions and other application integration processes, so that you have full understanding of what is happening.


Support for most Accounting Systems

As part of the implementation, our team will review the best approach for connecting to your systems. we leverage a variety or integration approach to fit your security and systems requirements.

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