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Product Features

AIMSware provides key features and controls to support your Invoice process. 

Improve Internal & External Communication

Customized workflow easily routes invoice for review and approval to the correct person based on various business rules.  Leverage email, to remind them a task is pending or an invoice was approved or requires further action. using the vendor portal, vendors and subcontractors are can track the status of their invoices. no more calls or emails to AP dept.

Collect Actionable Data

Invoice metadata along with process activities (coding, approval, routing, etc.) are stored in an easy to view dashboard. you can also export the data to your favorite reporting and analytical tools – enable your organization to  estrapolate expense trends to help you improve AP efficiency and reduce cost.

(Sample Dashboard Designed with Tableu)

A Complete Set of Tools to provide total control of the Invoice Process Lifecycle


Document Management

at the core of AIMSware, we have a proper document management system with a variety of storage option to easy how you store and retrieve your images.

Vendor Portal

securely communicate with your vendor.  the application provide a tight integration to ensure data validation.

Data Analytics

Customized Dashboards to easily track, analyze and improve your invoice process. Data is also available for your organization reporting platform

Approval Process

Dynamically route invoices based on invoice amount or to meet organization controls requirements

Project Costing

Easily track project expense by coding invoices to include WBS  codes.  Invoices can be allocated across multiple projects and subtasks


Integrated with your ERP system to post and payments. import control data to ensure proper coding and routing.

"Invoice management systems such as AIMSware have a direct impact to the bottom line realizing both cost reduction and reduced DSO."

– Luke McKinnon

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