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Invoice Management System

Simplify your Account Payable Process by electronically store and manage your Invoices – Customized workflow digitally routes and administers Invoice approvals.

Get It Done With AIMSware

Leveraging Invoice Management Systems and automating account payable processes has been proven to reduce costs, improve controls and provide an auditable process. With AIMSware you can take advantage of these benefits and more without expensive software, implementation costs and  best of all, no support and upgrades headaches.


Leveraging a portal to collaborate with your vendorts or mailboxes, Invoices are converted into searchable PDF files.


Leverage a built-in workflow to electronically route invoices to the appropriate approvers based on your business requirements.


Approved invoices are securely uploaded to your accounting system for payment processing. 

Document Management

Invoices are store in a document management system. Optimally, we can provide links to embed in your accounting systems for quick retrieval. 

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Vendors

Most Invoice management systems leverage internal resources to import invoices into their application.  Leveraging years of experience, AIMSware has developed a vendor portal to enable your vendors and subcontractors the ability to upload invoices, bypassing mailing them.
The invoices are indexed and uploaded by the vendor which means 90% of the worked is already done.  

Total Control Over the Invoice Process

Gain visibility over the entire process. From invoices being uploaded  through the approval process, know what is in the pipeline. 

Organizations can leverage the AIMSware embedded analytical service or export the data to their current platform making it easier to include data from their accounting system

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

By leveraging AIMSware your organizations will lower the invoice management complexity and reduce the manual process. Your organization will gain total control over the end to end process. best of all AIMSware was design from the ground up to provide the flexibilty to the most complex approval processes at a fraction of other custom applications. 

"Invoice management systems such as AIMSware have a direct impact to the bottom line both in cost reduction and reduced DSO"

– Luke McKinnon . CFO

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