Solid Integration With QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

Solid Integration With QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

Investing in disconnected solution does provides challenges when it comes to architecting and integrating with your current Accounting Systems.

— AIMSware provides the tools to mitigate these issues.

Integration Solutions built to meet your needs

This flexible Integrations solutions won’t leave you disappointed! From traditional file transfer to full web services integration, we align with your ERP and Security requirements.

We design a taylored solution – from simple file transfer all the way to fully integrated and the option to apply master data management policies –  this provides a solution which stays simple and flexible enough for you to run your business. below are some option to consider.


Bi-Directional data flow

Bi-Direction data flow provide the data required to simplify invoice indexing  and workflow –  data from the Accounting systems is pushed to the vendor portal so that Vendors, Purchase Orders and Project information easilt assists in the processing of the Invoice.


With Project and Procurement information, Vendors and AP staff can easily assign invoices against Purchase Orders. it also provides the Vendor with a quick glance at the status of the invoice, including payement information.

Policy based Routing and Approving  –  It offers an impressive set of options to replicate and leverage the policy and process built into you Accounting system – no need to redesign the process.


Multi-Channel Approach to Invoice upload

with AIMSware you have the option to use the workflow to route and approve invoices. You also have the ability to perform “SmartApprovals”  –  Automatically code and upload invoices to your Accounting Systems based predefined rules for invoice types, vendor type, project type, etc.

The systems has the ability to apply the business rules and provide a upload draft report which AP can review before approving the upload of these invoices to the Accounting system for payment.

Optional master data management can also ensure your accounting systems have the proper information to accept invoices –  Ensure Vendor setup is complete in AP, proper paperwork is available (W9, Insurance certificates, etc.)