Improve Collaboration and Effeciency

Improve Collaboration and Effeciency

Still struggling to improve your procure to pay lifecycle and trying to increase visibility in your Accounts Payable process? Well, friends, it’s 2017, so you shouldn’t be. And yet, disconnected processes, lack of integration and falling back to a manual process seems to be a better option to expensive document management systems, rigid workflow and costly upkeep! Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Take some time and browse how AIMSware features can give QuickBooks a serious boost.

Leveraging your vendors and ease the invoice submission.

It is a mistery why some solutions would want us to invest in scanning equipment, software and manual labor to create a pdf from a paper invoice which odds are was born digital, printed and mailed to you.  There are option to acquire that invoice digitally :

Vendor portal –  Your vendors invoices uploaded invoices and partially code for you, saving AP valuable time. This won’t leave you or your vendor disappointed! they are assured you received the invoice and it is not sitting on someone’s desk.

E-Mail mailbox – Leverage Email to received, upload  and kickoff the approval routing of your invoice. by providing vendor with an optional mailbox, we can “sweep” invoices into the system with no user intervention!

AIMSware support SFTP, dropbox and other file transfer tools. AIMSware can also leverage B2B integration functionality and connect to your vendor ERP system.

Vendor Information, Purchase Order, Project number and Amounts are captured as part of the process, reducing coding errors and workload in QuickBooks. an audit trail keeps track of the invoice history.


Zero Touch Integration

The connectivity between AIMSware and QuickBooks is seamless. reducing keying errors, and time spend on each invoice. your AP team will focus on analyzing spending not paperwork.


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