Integration Services

Connecting to Vendors and Your Accounting System

Easily process large quantity of invoices with integrations tools customized to meet your needs

Integration Services

AIMSware has the ability to setup and manage connections to your vendors and trading partners – whether you interact with them Directly, through Email or the vendor portal. using AIMSware workflow, we develop the data mapping and transformations between the vendor documents and your applications, flat files, XML and Database formats, ensuring all your business policies and requirements are met. AIMSWare provides monitoring of all the transactions and other application integration processes, so that you have full understanding of what is happening.


Support for most Accounting Systems

Using AIMSware integration services, we can connect to your accounting systems seamlessly. we support most accounting systems on the market today and we tailor our solutions to your environment – Leveraging your accounting system preferred integration methods and capabilities, we ensure security and data validation are enforced.