Approval and Routing Process

Approval and Routing Process

Dynamically customize the approval and routing process. AIMSware leverages your Projects, Purchase Orders and Accounting Systems policies to apply rules to each invoice.

— Leverage automation to route invoices to the right approver inbox!

By prescreening Invoices at time of submittal, we reduce rejection and routing errors. Lets take a look at a few options to consider when leveraging AIMSware to architecting an approval and routing process for your organizations.

Invoices and Purchase Orders

By identifying Invoices being applied against Purchase orders, we can enfore specific policies – committed and exceed amounts. approval routing rules and optional two and three way matching.

Project Costing

by connecting your accounting systems, AIMSware can retrieve key project information, such as Project Manager, Project accountant and project accounts. AIMSware can leverage this information to structure a approval routing plan where invoices are hierarchically routed to  users and accounts are validate to ensure proper posting of expenses.

Bulk Approvals

For Invoices that can be predictably identified, AIMSware can apply GL coding and route the invoice to AP Managers for review and posting. simple and easily! Reports ensure

AIMSware employees the use of dashboards and audit reports to ensure compliance and prevent errors.

Fully B2B Integration

For full integration, AIMSware can connect directly with Vendor Accounting systems and retrieve, approve and post invoices. the complex process is managed with fully documented and audited processes. this approach is ideal for very large quantities of invoices with similar characteristics.