Leveraging Invoice Management Systems and automating account payable processes has been proven to reduce costs, improve controls and provide an auditable process. With AIMSware you can take advantage of these benefits and more without expensive software, implementation costs and  best of all, no support and upgrades headaches.



With an option to fit your needs, invoices are converted into searcheable PDF files.


Thanks to our built-in workflow, we can design an approval process that fits your needs.


Invoices approved for payment are securely uploaded to you Accounting System


With a long list of definitive, essential and new features, AIMSware will let you manage invoices, approvals and posting to your favorite accounting system as easy as 1-2-3! In addition to that, its simplistic-yet-elegant, minimal design will enure your vendors, AP group along with the approves have virtually no learning curve in adopting these tools. To learn more about how AIMSware can help you streamline your invoice processing give us a call. we will show you how AIMSware can improve your processes.

  • AIMSware toolset allows organization to connect with vendors and automate invoice processing.
  • Large or small quantities of invoices –  we integrate with the vendor to upload invoice details and images and process the invoices based on your organization’s requirements.
  • Automate PO matching, approval routing or automatically upload to your accounting system for payments
  • AIMSware platform is secure and scalable.
  • Your business can easily exchange and manage trading partner relationships without the burden of installing and maintaining hardware and software.



Cost Reductions by automating AP


Reduce the amount of time to process an invoice

AIMSware tools are designed to make the invoice process fast and easy.

  • Built in dashboards give vendors a glimpse into their invoice status.
  • AP Manager can monitor the status of the invoices – no more invoices stuck on desks, emails and fax machines.
  • Invoice coding based on project activities and automated based on vendors and activities.
  • PO Matching and auto approvals based on your organization Policy and Processes.